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I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm Janine, the founder and designer of Boho Genie.Janine Luciano - Designer of Boho Genie designs

My career started in fashion design decades ago. I strongly believe rules of design are only a suggestion, and fashion is the best way to express your unique beauty. 

I wanted to bring my 40+ year love affair with clothes to those who appreciate authentic, beautiful, one of a kind pieces that enhance what is already in your closet. As well as, bringing my love of design, art, vintage style, and the comfort of the Bohemian style together for everyone -- thus creating Boho Genie. 

Boho Genie is clothing inspired by the freedom of 70's style. Yes, I remember it well. Pairing luxe fabrics with denim, adopting the slink and body conscious style of the 30's into bias cut slip dresses, and giving up restrictive undergarments for a more natural look. 

Each piece is handmade, paying close attention to detail and quality. I finely select fabrics for every piece of each collections.
You are one of a kind and so is each piece of Boho Genie.



Janine Luciano, Founder of Boho Genie

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